Summer, 2010

Neil and Max are back! Max reacts to my radioactive Metlox cup.

Max appears to be working while Neil actually is!

All together on the couch in M1/1406 bay (Mechanical Integration and Test).
From left to right: Chris Onwuka, Rick Wagner, Max Friefeld, and Neil Froschauer.

Summer, 2009

High school interns helped us out for the summer once again at Northrop Grumman Aerospace systems.

NGAS, the next generation!
Nelson Chavez, Julie Nguyen, Max Friefeld, Neil Froschauer, Michael Grove, Chris Onwuka

Making the next cover of Forbes!
Names (Left to Right): Chris Onwuka, Michael Grove, Max Friefeld, Julie Nguyen, Neil Froschauer, Nelson Chavez

ECOS has nothing to do with the interns' project!
Names (Left to Right): Chris Onwuka, Neil Froschauer, Nelson Chavez, Max Friefeld, Julie Nguyen, Michael Grove

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