Andrea and I flew out of Honolulu airport on Wednesday, March 13th, and arrived in Yorktown via Phoenix, Charlotte, and Norfolk. Malia picked us up at the airport and we checked in at the Duke of York hotel.

The George P. Coleman bridge over the York River. View from our room at the hotel. Thursday, March 14th. Photo
by Andrea.

View to the northeast from our hotel room. Friday March 15th.

We took a walk through Yorktown. This is Main Street.

The Carrot Tree on Main Street.

Victory monument with statue of Liberty at the top.

We walked out on a small fishing pier.

We saw the three masted Alliance come in and dock, here for the summer from Florida. They give daily sea tours.

The view from our hotel room window.

Trystan, Lenora, and Malia visited us in the hotel with Justin (off camera).

We went to dinner at the Riverwalk Restaurant. Trystan is showing his mermaid picture.

We walked along the riverwalk after dinner.

The Lafayette gun at the visitor center. Notice the cannonball dent in its side.

The footbridge back from the visitor center (National Park Service).


On Saturday, the 16th, Malia picked us up at the hotel and dropped us in Williamsburg while she took Lenora to a birthday party.

We started out on the street with the original houses.

We visited a colonial garden.

We watched a pipe and drum band march toward us.

The pipe and drum band passes the court house.

The magazine is surrounded by a wall and has no windows on the ground floor.

The tinsmith's shop is being rebuilt.

A pair of tourists chat with two women in period costume by the hearth.

Nearing the end of the east-west street.

Walking back west we see a pair in period costume.

Back up at the new commercial end of the street we see the pipe and drum band again.

Later we had dinner at Malia and Justin's house. The kids play in the treehouse in the back yard.

Justin barbecued ribs for dinner. Afterward we went for a walk to the fountain pond.


On Sunday, the 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, Malia and Justin picked us up in car and truck at the hotel and took us to Jamestown with the grandkids, Trystan and Lenora.

After visiting the indoor attractions, we had lunch in the visitor center cafeteria.

Coming out the back side of the Jamestown fort.

We boarded a replica of the Susan Constant, the flagship of the expedition. It's seaworthy.

We visited an indian village.

Later we went to Yankee Candle to look for cheese knives. The kids play with the toy trains.

For dinner we went to Hayashi restaurant.

Later Andrea and I went for a drink at the bar in Riverwalk restaurant. This is a tile mosaic of Ceres in the men's restroom there.

The next day, Monday, Malia gave us a little tour of the military base where they shop (Fort Eustice) and later Andrea and I visited
the Yorktown Visitor Center again. Afterward we had coffee and tea at the Yorktown Pub at the beach.

That evening we went to Malia and Justin's house for dinner. Justin made barbecue pizza.

Playing chess in the kitchen.


On Tuesday, the 19th, Andrea and I explored the Victory Center in Yorktown.

We were greeted by one of the costumed actors in the farm village of year 1780.

We had a demonstration of mortar fire.

We met Malia and Lenora for lunch and went to the Carrot Tree restaurant.

I finally got a picture where Malia wasn't aping for the camera.

Finding treasures on the beach.

Lenora brings me shells.

Loot from the beach back at the hotel.

We met the family at Riverwalk restaurant for dinner.

This is the mermaid floor installation at the entrance to Riverwalk restaurant.

Wednesday morning, when we flew from Newport News Airport to Sacramento via Philadelphia and Phoenix, was great flying weather.
Andrea took this photo on her morning walk.

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