Wedding in Hawaii

We flew to Hawaii to get married in June, 1981.

Video of the wedding by Dr. Tuttle.

Daddy! June, 1981.

The backyard wedding venue, under the lychee tree.

Martin the photographer for most of these wedding photos. I think I snapped this one at my Mom and Mits's house.

The groom.

The bride with ilima head lei.

Sister Janice, Marty's wife at the time.

Brother Bill, Andrea, Sharon, Mom. Yellow rose lei for Sharon.

Mom sorting leis.

Mrs. Yuen watches the lei sorting.

Mits and Bill.

Andrea gives me a lei.

We exchange leis as Sharon watches under the Lychee tree.

The bride and groom.

Mr. White and Dr. Tuttle with cameras. Dr. Tuttle recorded the video tape of the wedding as his wedding present.

Mr. and Mrs. Young talk with Mrs. Yuen. Rick and Janice check things out.

Pikake, Maile, and other leis.

The gathering for the wedding. Sharon Tanaka, Maid of Honor is on Andrea's left. Vince Vicini, Best Man, is on
my right. Reverend Prof. Mitsuo Aoki, presiding, under the lychee tree. The mango tree on the left is no longer there.

The wedding in the jungle.

The wedding from behind.

Wedding from the side.

Rick, Andrea, and Vince.

Vince watches as we exchange vows.

Continuing the ceremony.

Janice was Matron of Honor.

Andrea had a bit of trouble getting the ring on me.

After the ceremony, Andrea gives a maile lei to her father.

I gave my mother a pikake lei.

The lei.

The kiss with champagne corks popping.

"Celebrate your marriage!"

Lynne Aoki (my mother), Bill, Sharon, Andrea, Rick, Vince, Chris, and Jack Gardner.

Jan, Bill, Chris.


Third time's the charm.

With Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Bill and Jan.

The whole gang.

"I was misquoted!"

All together now.

All again.

With Jack and Tassoula and the bartender, Mr. Kam.

The wedding principles: Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor, Bride, Groom, Best Man, and Minister.

The ilima boquet.

Vince, Ray, Pamela, Jack, and Tassoula, etc.

Getting ready for some toasts.

Mits leads a three banzai cheer.

Rick surveys the scene.

Well, what now? Toss the boquet and let's eat cake! Music, and the mountain is visible at the top of the valley.

The Hawaiian music trio, Teves Trio.

Sharon's toast.

Champagne for all!

Rick, Jack, and Mom talking to Rhoda Hackler.

Suzi Horan, Iwao Okazaki, and Sharon.

Iwao, Mr. Yoshihara, and Suzi.

Amalia Gardner, two and a half years old.


Amalia at the back step.

Ray and Amy Oshiro and Ernest Jackson.

Pam and her Dad, Charlie Young.

F.P., the caterer in the kitchen.

The caterer provided a roast pig, and not a small one.

There were lots of good things for dinner.

What's that?

Tim. Sharon, and Ken.

Dr. Tuttle taping our wedding gift.

Dr. Tuttle. Thanks for the great video.

F.P. and Henry Yuen.

Janice and Libby Young.

Dr. Johnson, father of the bride.

Rick and Amalia.

Cutting the cake.

Cutting more cake.

Eating cake.

Sharing cake.

Napkin time.


Tim and Chris watching us eat cake.

Mom (Lynne Aoki) hugs Andrea.

Bill and Andrea.

Tim and Andrea.

Dr. Tuttle, uncle Jim, and aunt Marilyn.

Several guests and Marilyn and Jim.

Amalia Gardner.

Mom and Mits.

At the Kahala Hilton on our honeymoon.

Andrea and Lenore at the honeymoon hotel.

A sunset at the Kahala Hilton.

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