Course Work

Current Course Work

It's the summer '97 semester and I am working on advanced fixture server projects with UC Berkeley collaborators and on my PhD dissertation.

Master's Degree Courses

Number  Title                         Grade
CS 430  Finite Automata Theory        B-
CS 545  Robotics                      A
CS 555  Advanced Operating Systems    A+
EE 557  Computer Systems Architecture A-
CS 577a Software Engineering          A+
CS 577b Software Engineering          A
CS 585  Database Systems              B+
CS 615  Robot Motion Planning         A+

Doctoral Plan

Plan of Studies for Richard J. Wagner
Updated December 12, 1996

Ph.D. Program in Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neural Computation Track

Dissertation Advisor: Kenneth Goldberg
                      Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
                      University of California at Berkeley

Dissertation Comittee:
Behrokh Khoshnevis, Industrial & Systems Engineering, USC (outside member)
Ari Requicha, Computer Science, USC

Fall Semester 1994:
CS 790 Directed Research, 6 units

Spring Semester 1995:
CS 561 Artificial Intelligence, 3 units (core course, B+)
CS 790 Research, 3 units

Fall Semester 1995:
CS 564 Brain Theory and AI, 3 units (Group 1 track course, B)
CS 570 Analysis of Algorithms, 3 units (core course, A-)

Spring Semester 1996:
CS 582 Geometric Modeling, 3 units (Group 2 track course, A-)

Fall Semester 1996:
CS 574 Computer Vision, 3 units (Group 2 track course, A-)

Spring Semester 1997:
CS 794a Doctoral Dissertation, 2 units
CS 790 Research, 3 units

Summer Semester 1997:
CS 794b Doctoral Dissertation, 2 units
CS 790 Research, 3 units

Total of these units:           34
Transfer from Master's program: 27
Grand total:                    61
Units required:                 60
This plan was reviewed approved by CS Department PhD Advisor Prof. Dennis McLeod on Friday, October 25, 1996.


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