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"It presents such a danger for the human being in simple practical terms. But if you create the right position, you will enjoy its deep misunderstanding of chess." --Garry Kasparov, February 13, 1996, on "Deep Blue" after the third game of the six game match.

Gary subsequently lost to Deep Blue in the rematch in 1997, and Deep Blue was retired by IBM as the best chess player in the world.

Image courtesy of Louis Kessler.

I've been playing chess since I was just a little guy. When I was in high school all my friends quit playing against me because I would always win. One day I walked into the Oklahoma City Chess Club when they were downtown and a club tournament was in progess. I walked out with the first place trophy. That was the beginning of my professional chess career. Next I won the Tinker Air Force Base tournament. In 1975 I won a $200 prize and the class D first place trophy in the California Open at Berkely. After that I became involved in engineering and computer science and I haven't played chess professionally again until recently.

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