Poetry by Annie Moses

ah, you have come

did I lose my nerve?
what happen to me?

It was as if I was outside of Me
watching this person Anonymust
talking and it shocked me
to see how I act.
A cool shock
A weird shock

Cuz outside looking in

....... looked really different

I love when life shows up like that.

its me!

I like birds that fly by me and look directly at me
I like waking up and drinking a gallon of water and then taking a shower
I like going to dark restaurants and ordering a cocktail with cherries in it
I like when people change their mind infront of me about something
I like watching people in their cars at a stop light and when they look at me I look away real fast
I like when the ice in my plastic cup melts together in one artful piece

so, maybe I DO like everything, but I dont like all of everything that requires "all stuff"
so yes and no and really theres not enough information.

you pass.

Lets see how crazy I can get

I believe in order to understand other people you must have some of the same characteristics- otherwise You’re just guessing with understanding them, which makes it false and abuses the whole situation. and makes you look foolish in my eyes- but how foolish do I seem to your eyes? do you care? you should, cuz I care for you and for THIS.

THIS here NOW with this here now YOU and this here now YOU with this here NOW ME

You never have to listen
To anyone about anything
Clear my mind
Clear my throat
I’m ready to react
Ready to implode and explode
Which ever happens first
Which ever comes last is what I recall
I told her ‘stop playing the victim’
She brought up the point of me saying “you never have to listen.”
And I said Touché!
She said I was a sucker for anything opposing my ideals
I said …. Sure.
And so what?
Whys it always gotta be politically correct
And mainstream in order to fit.
Take those emotions
With those faces
- those feelings
And shove it up your ass.

Its just my twilight time.
Living in the shadow of myself
Mere shadows to something Greater

Waiting for pitch black,
Its been so long since I’ve seen the sea
of Black without interactions.

Waiting for the dawn to yawn.
Come on!

and I will it ignore it
and it will it ignore me too

A crashed car
With a potato on my shoulder
One more day on the verge of over spilling.
Beach volley crew with their societal vendettas

Parties with only the coolest types
Conversations melt into the daylight evenly
Beer bottles and cigarette butts are the remains

Pretty sitting kittie
With the golden eyes

Road tripping with broke speakers
on the way to the Promised Land
of natural high fiber filler and
untamed inertia pushing me.
With or without regard
Depending on the situation

and always
depending, arent we?
or me?
depending to be defended
living life in a paranoid state of mind

but the oppressed dont know
that their greatest defense
is their mind.

how about those crazy bananas?

couple of days ago.

“Sit down on the bed.”
I did.
He stood still until I was seated.
Then I watched him walk to the
Far side of the room and sit down in a big
dark brown chair,
And made his hands come together slowly
Forming a triangle
His white formal shirt was untucked
And no tie this time
He must have just got home I thought.
“annie…. where do you feel the most?”
Physically or mentally?
“both, please.”
This is why I crave him so much
And this is why I miss him always- as I thought
about where I do feel the most.. he sternly looked
On, patiently and with that look he gives in the right moments.
There seems to be this place I said. a bit unsure of what I was saying, so
I just let it flow out how it came out,
There’s a place.. where I can meet someone,
in-between physical and meta-physical, where we can switch
and mold into one soul or something. It’s very rare. Very real.
That, is where I feel the most. I said.
“Have I taken you there, annie?”
Like a shy little child trying to not smile.
I watched his eyes bore into mine and then take a deep
winded sea of air into his chest.
I think its sailing.
“Come over here annie, please.”
I walk over, already smelling his scent.
“Sit on your knees...
... allow your hands to relax upon your thighs, palms up.”
There’s no explaining this spell he has over me, so I won’t
try to convey. Its subspace. A zone.
“take your hair down please… wave it loose.”
“how are you feeling?” he asked almost in a whisper
with heavy intentions spilling over, making my heart
What to say? I don’t even understand it.
I’m not really sure. I said.
A smile was given as he looked down to me.
He looks me over for a long time, taking his time,
In a professional manner and then tells me to get up and
Come closer to him.
Placing his hands on my hips lightly and kisses my tummy,
just once.
“Who else takes you to that place, annie?”
only you.
“good girl.”

Have you ever wondered...

The me and him time

It starts off like a rock song.
With a little acoustic solo
Cuz there’s nothing new to talk about with stupid little words
Physical always opens me up to a new world
Today we dropped out

Drum beats in….bass comes from the west
The hand goes south
minds on auto pilot climbing north
East with a hurricane on the way..

I’ll steal for him
Because he steals for me
From me.
From him.

Another one day stand
With the light on outside
Dark and heavy inside

Another one night fall
With recherché movements
Giving my body up
Him the Taker

Ethan Allen memories

It was the laughable loose knots he had tied both my wrists up with
"Anytime you want to move, DONT. Is this understood?"
A look away nod closed the deal. He's standing beside me, looking down
with his arms crossed.
Last adventure he left me for 2 hours and returned with another..
but thats neither here nor there.

It was this new surprise with the loose knots
I couldnt understand my role in this twisted delicious game.
Cant ask Cant move, aint tHis position familiar.
His Fornasetti Apollo silk tie and shiny shoes were still on
"I want you to listen..."
He sits next to me and watches my body flow towards
his as if magnates are meeting.
and I looked vulnerable this way. For the first time I felt it too. in my belly.

"this is not a game. You dont require thought. You are, for all of my time,
Mine. Your body is obviously mine..." as he 5 fingered F**K traced my body. The old tan lines, slowly.
"Close your eyes... and even more then you think, I also own your mind, which is hard for you to accept. You are here because I chose you and you willing came, to me."
He then bent down, I could feel his weight coming towards me, he kisses me on tip and touches me down there.
My body contracts. Involuntarily. My arm got loose, heading towards him and out of no where his hand slams mine into the head board.
He's now very close to my face, I'm breathing heavy, flushed.
Still holding my hand firmly on the head board,
he knows- he goes "mmmm, youre such a good girl."

The wind blows to keep the birds up

cuss and damn me
its really you who feels it.
thought I touched you
somewhere that hasnt been sullied

dont you believe in it?
it was short, you and I,
just like your golden temper

selfish acts leave me self less
aint this position all too familiar
I did eat that apple
I do eat that apple
whats up adam? or whoever
you are.
I do lie, I will lie
dont you die
til I can get around to apologize

I just wanna have my life for myself right now
seems like most of everyone is a prop in the corner as
I take that suicide opening between the two trucks to get in front
and away from these rats in their self made maze(s)
birds got their limits too.
freedom is a state of mine
state of mind

the time is over
I dont care if youre right
I dont care if Im right

turn the turnie thing

wasted words
spent time
lost memories
truth defines lies
good eventually brings bad?

good eventually brings better.

neither clear
nor scripted
not bought
or borrowed

safe and slow
fast and faster

its all for the new things

can you believe we last forever?
no expieration date baby

I will see you there

this one is small

no need to feel inferior now.

there there.

its crazy



watching it dance around

i gets it not.

but it dont matter
you already created it
now it can never be uncreated
tis infinite

step by step

it awakes around 3:30pm to take a call
it finally araises around 4:53pm

walk outside
mother giving nature a face lift

take a sit on the big round chair
look around, light up, begin to stare

hear a chain saw
walk around to the front yard

see right neighbor
wave, spark, smile, leave

walk in front door
walk out back yard door

sit, pet dog
walk inside

so, how are you treating life today?


tinkle tinkle little twinks
as he smiled, adds a wink
left in the wake of questions
flooding the bod with frustrations
just to feel, might have to kneel
not sure whats real
its either heartbreak
or love then heartbreak
we're just trying each other on
making sure to miss the dawn
one big happy ism
in our own world of prisms
let the record skip
allow the linen to rip
lets be young
stoked full of tongue, sprung
esoterically driven
ringing making our way
into the future but i gotta say
theres no structure
only fluxure

critique me until i cant feel it no more

it was another calamity that turned into wonders
I never thought I'd be so strange, looking back
i can see it adding up.

I once took a train
I never got off, I rode it for hours
talking to an australian surfer while he was tripped on blotter
with huge black eyes and a constant smile
we figured out a lot of things
and after I got off at a random stop
I think god or whatever (never mind) awoke inside me.

In the streets once with Sarah
we came upon a dog laying on the ground, panting
with his owner waiting for him to get up
"he..has..can..cer..he die soon."
so we pet the dying dog
our hands touched at times
its funny, the moments that are so beautiful
can be forgotten, so easily

every moment
every past step
all has lead me to this exact point of now,
and it all means something.
even from looking at a stranger in traffic.
and it all means something.

something like that.
but not even close

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