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Rick Wagner's Picture at Sans Souci (Kaimana) Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Rick Wagner sitting under a tree at a park in Long Beach, California

Rick Wagner, Ph.D.
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Richard J. Wagner

I wish to thank everyone who has ever helped or assisted me in any way, and that includes a lot of good people. Nobody is in this alone. I am an engineer and scientist at NGAS at Space Park in Redondo Beach, California.

My personal interests include robotics and bonsai, as suggested by Ayse's cartoon:

Cartoon showing a robot pruning bonsai

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This is my USC home page since April 10, 1995; moved to iris.usc.edu on May 23, 1996; Moved to rjwagner49.com in Jaunary, 2010 (after my account disappeared without warning). Last updated June 30, 2010.
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