Autobiography of Rick Wagner

With a Little Help

It is my conviction that the human race is no proper target for harsh words and bitter criticisms, and that the only justifiable feeling toward it is compassion; it did not invent itself, and had nothing to do with the planning of its weak and foolish character. --The Autobiography of Mark Twain.

In 2002, when I was 52 years old, I started writing my childhood memories and have been expanding this memoir ever since. I have divided the story into chapters. The introduction is a summary overview and duplicates some of the material in the chapters.

Disclaimer: The memoir presented here is somewhat long, possibly boring, and may be partially self-serving. If you don't know me or don't have some other good reason for reading it, you might save yourself some time and read something more entertaining! Much of this is from memory, so it may contain inaccuracies. If you can help make it better, let me know at the obfuscated email address below. Email address obfuscation was an invention of mine back in the '90s to foil spambots. It seems to work.

January 2013, Honolulu.

Note to other Rick Wagners about the use of our name: I am Richard J. Wagner, and I know there are lots of us Richard Wagners who go by "Rick." I use our name, "Rick Wagner," in the title of this autobiography because that's the name I go by. I established my personal home page under that name back in 1995, long before many people even knew the Internet (much less the Web) existed. So I consider I have a kind of Web presence precedence, and therefore am entitled to use my nickname in the title of my work. I know and/or hope you will understand.

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