Harm Joong

Harm Joong as prepared by the Young family on January 2nd, 2012.

Trimming bamboo leaves. Both bamboo and ti leaves are used to wrap the harm joong for flavor. They are not eaten.

Lup cheong (sweet pork sausage) ready to go into the harm joong.

Nicholas and Daniel prepare the chicken to go into the harm joong.

Dried shiitake mushrooms soaking in water next to raw peanuts and harm joong molds.

Measuring cotton string for tying finished harm joong.

Raw mochi rice soaking in water.

Converting original recipe to current quantities (3 lb. rice to 10 lb rice).

Sabrina prepares to slice rehydrated shiitake mushrooms.

Cutting chicken into smaller pieces.

Black-eyed peas and shiitake mushrooms soaking. The bowls hold the mushrooms down.

Two bamboo leaves are folded into a form to hold the harm joong ingredients.

Trimming ti leaf ribs to ease use.

The recipe and the conversions.

Hawaiian salt and Wesson oil ready to flavor rice.

The cold water is drained off the soaked raw rice into the garden.

Mixing salt and oil into the drained rice.

Raw peanuts go in.

Stirring the seasoned mixture of rice, peanuts, and black eyed peas.

Mrs. Young checks on leaf folding.

Tracy adds seasoned rice to leaves in mold.

Seasoned rice and lup cheong fill leaves in mold. Any combination of lup cheong, mushrooms, or chicken, to taste, will do.

Chicken, lup cheong, and duck egg yolks ready to join seasoned rice for harm joong.

Finished harm joong ready to steam.

Mushrooms are among the possible ingredients.

The assembly line.

Putting the ti leaves in the molds.

Folding the leaves over rice filling.

Nicholas unmolds his harm joong as Christie sets ti leaf on top of her filled harm joong mold.

Tying with string.

The first folds to secure the ingredients.

The second folds.

Then it is taken out of the mold.

Finally, the tying.

Finished harm joong, seasoned rice in pot, chicken, lup cheong, mushrooms, and duck egg yolks, eager preparers.

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